Bond Counsel RFQ

The Richmond Metropolitan Transportation Authority (“RMTA”) is requesting statements of qualifications for certain bond counsel services, with the first matter anticipated to consist of review and advice in connection with RMTA’s participation in the upcoming pooled financing bond issuance of the Virginia Resources Authority (“VRA”). In 2011, RMTA issued its Expressway System Revenue Bonds through VRA’s Pooled Bond Financing Program, in connection with an overall debt restructuring of RMTA’s Expressway System revenue debt. One of such bonds, RMTA’s Expressway Revenue and Refunding Bond, Series 2011-A, can be advance refunded, for debt service savings.   RMTA is currently working with VRA on the papers for such bond issuance.

Questions regarding this RFQ can be submitted to Ms. Paula Watson at or 804-523-3308.

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Correct Submittal Date: Friday, July 7, 2017 by 1:00 PM

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